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Spherical roller bearing

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Spherical roller bearing

A Spherical bearing is composed by an inner ring with a double raceway and an outer ring with spherical surface, the outer raceway center is in accord with shaft center; all having self-aligning function, which can compensate the mounting error between the shaft and bearing seat and the outer ring inclination caused by shaft deflection. They can carry large radial load and could also support any directional axial load but not pure axial load. In particular, they are suitable for the applications with heavy load or vibration.


20000C type is adopting spherical symmetrical rollers, no fixed ribs on the inner ring; there are also two rows of independent solid cages. This type of bearings is especially suitable for the applications with high speed rotation.

20000CA are symmetric spherical rollers, there are fixed ribs on the center of inner ring, the solid cage is integrated. This type of bearings is widely applied and especially for applications with heavy load.

Cage material

Machined brass cage or pressed cage of steel sheet.

Permissible tilt angle

See Table 1.

Tolerance and clearance

The tolerance of spherical roller bearings is class 0 and class 6. The tolerance value is available in section Rolling Bearing Tolerance.

Radial clearance of Spherical roller bearing is listed in Table 2 and 3.   

Dynamic equivalent radial load

           when Fa/Fr≤e      Pr=Fr+Y1Fa         

when Fa/Fr>e      Pr=0.67Fr+Y2Fa  

e, Y1,Y2 factors can be found in the table of bearing dimension

Dynamic equivalent radial load


Y0 factors can be found in the table of bearing dimension

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