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Baota Petrochemical is private enterprise founded in 1997. After nearly 20 years of development, has grown to cross-regional nationwide operation petrochemical enterprise group, is moving towards the world, realize the internationalization operation. Total asset of Group is 54.2 billion RMB, 15000 employees, ranked 385 in the top 500 Chinese enterprise and 197 in the top 500 Chinese manufacturing industry.
The core main business of the Bata petrochemical is oil refining and petrochemical industry. The group sets up three oil refining production base located in Ningxia, Zhuhai, Xinjiang, respectively. Processing capacity of 23 million tons of crude oil which approved by the relevant departments of the state. Yinchuan of Ningxia base mainly rely on several oil fields and the relief of sinopec, petrochina, prolong oil field resources, is based on oil refining industry, fine chemical industry as the industry at the end of the integration of refining production. Zhuhai base is relying on international rich oil resources, take advantage of self-provided port, railway, pipeline, to develop heavy oil processing of jet fuel, olefins production base. Xinjiang base is relying on central Asia, especially in the crude oil pipeline and heavy oil, oil shale resources in Xinjiang, mainly processing heavy oil and oil electricity integration of olefin aromatics production base.
Around three strategic base, the group set up headquarters in Beijing to undertake national policy and resource, parent company in Ningxia is operational headquarters, partly to enterprise operation functions, financial and gas operational headquarters in Shenzhen and Shanghai, financial and international trade platform in Hong Kong and Singapore, agent of group import  the international crude oil and fuel oil, and international business company or business institutions in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other international region. On the general layout, it has formed the strategic pattern as oil supply in Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East, distinctive oil processing in three production bases, capital operation in Singapore as "Beijing-Hong Kong, Beijing-Shanghai integration".
Baota petrochemical is carried out with financial strategy, make full use of the listed Xibei bearing Co., Ltd., lead refining main business are listed on the overall and partial correlation industry, actively carry out assets and capital securitization capitalization operation, participate in the venture capital, CMIG, Education bank, Commercial Banks and other financial industry, expand financial services in the financial companies, fund management, financial bill, planning in the medium term as soon as possible to form of Baota petrochemical financial business sector, with strong support main business of petrochemical development.


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