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Company Overview

Ningxia plain is a place with rich and beautiful. Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd. is located in the Yinchuan city, the capital of Ningxia province. Its predecessor, the Xibei Factory founded in the depths of Helan Mountain in 1965. From 1982, it moved to Yinchuan city, and builds a modern factory in the Yinchuan city. It makes a positive contribution to the revitalization of bearing industry in China, and was reorganized in 1996 to be the first listed company in bearing industry in China. Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd. has export inspection exemption qualification, and it's NXZ brand is the well-know mark in China.
 Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest bearing manufactory in the west of China, one of the leading company in bearing industry. It has certificate for the Exemption for the Export Inspection and its NXZ trademark is the Chinese well-know mark.
Located In the northwest of China, Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd. orientate to equip to China and service to the world. During the course of development, Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd. continuously accumulates experience, pioneering and innovative, forge ahead with determination. In accordance with the international standard and customer’s special requirement, Xibei Bearing can produce more than 6000 varieties of bearing standard and non-standard with outside diameter from 40mm to 3500mm.  Its products are widely used in rail transit, military industry, precision motor, petroleum machinery, metallurgy machinery, heavy truck, construction machinery, mining machinery, cement machinery and hydraulic engineering, etc. Its products are well sold all over China and export to over 50 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Asia, Africa, etc.             
Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd. has National Enterprise Technical Center, postdoctoral scientific research workstation, and union engineering laboratory by local with state for large special bearing. There are abundant technical strength, first-class new product research & development, technology innovation ability, perfect technical innovation and product development system. It’s research and develops more than  kinds of new products per year on average. Research and development of oil drilling bearing 30228/630Q won the national quality gold medal. Its research & development and manufacturing process is leading level large special bearing. Products are successfully applied to the shenzhou V, Shenzhou VI launch monitoring device. Company has more than 500 kinds of products have filled the country blank space; nearly 1000 kinds of products reached the international advanced level.
Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd. has all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 300, including over 90 senior professional and technical personnel, with eight enjoy state council allowance, four enjoy the Ningxia autonomous region government subsidies, one is in the state “Bai qian wan project”, and two are postdoctoral.
Xibei Bearing promises the concept of “Customer First, Quality first” has successively passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment manage system, ISO10012 metering management system, GJB9001B military quality system, ISO/TS16949 automotive quality system certification, and is national first-class metrology unit.
Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd. possesses all kinds of equipment and test equipment of 2500 sets, in which, 425 sets are “large, precise and high-tech” equipment. It can supply the informatization and intelligentized process equipment to customer with higher quality product in bearing industry..
Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd. makes the best of existing well-know mark, the advantage of the technology, resources and market, according to the “Made in China 2025” Strategy, promote high technology content, high value-added, high precision, high reliability bearing product. In Yinchuan state-level economic and technological development zone plans and constructs the first-level high-end bearing industrial base with digital, intelligent, informatization, greenization as the target. Xibei Bearing will be built into the biggest high-end bearing base in the West of China for research and develop, test and intelligent high-end base, the domestic first-level export high-end export base, fulfilled industry transformation and updating fulfill the capacity of annual output high-end equipment bearing for rail transit, military machinery, precision machinery, wind power, petroleum machinery, metallurgy machinery, mining machinery, heavy truck.
At present, Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd. has already completed the product line for rail transit bearing, military equipment bearing, major equipment support engineering (precision motor bearing), and heat treatment production line, develop and research center, control center, storage center. It also cooperates with relative corporations to choose the top domestic high-end equipment, digital workshop system integration and information fusion to build into the first-level digital intelligent factory by using the internet big data in domestic. Rail transit bearing has already been classified as a strong industrial base demonstration application direction by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.   
Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd. keeps up with the development trend of "Internet +" with the concept of informatization and industrialization depth fusion in time,  focus on developing a new generation of information technology, promote the intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, to improve the level and the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry, make the equipment manufacturing industry in Ningxia as a beautiful business card and upgrade of rail transit industry to make new contributions to achieve made in China 2025.
We believe that despite obstacles ahead, but still we will achieve our goals in the near future. Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd., like a shining pearl, are strutting towards a new grand goal accomplishment with an unprecedented vigor and vitality.


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